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  • Outdoor Two Tone Asymmetric Zip Trim Hoodie
  • Outdoor Two Tone Asymmetric Zip Trim Hoodie


    I will not blame shipping and delivery entirely on the site, but due to delayed delivery, I was unable to return the product and get a full refund. I was planning on giving this as a gift for my boyfriend but it was too unsatisfactory. There were multiple problems with this product: 1. I ordered the dark grey color. Unlike in the photo, the dark grey was lighter than expected, and the light grey accents were darker than expected. This caused a very dull look since the colors did not contrast as much. 2. There was a hole in the pocket where my thumb was. 3. Nothing fit properly. If I moved the pockets to their correct places, everything else would shift to places they should not have been (according to the photos) and if I moved anything else, the pockets would not align properly. Overall unsatisfied with the product. Do not recommend.

    By Vanessa Sunday, Oct 26, 2014


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