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What is T Points?

T Point is a rewarding program which opens the door to an extremely wide range of customers at Trendy21.com. To express our gratitude for the great support from our customers, we offer a Membership Rewarding program as a token of respects, and we sincerely invite you to join our T Points rewarding program to enjoy more discounts for your purchases at Trendy21.com!

How to earn T Points?

1) Registering as a member at Trendy21.com.
Every new member registered at Trendy21.com will be rewarded 100 T Points, and another 100 T Points will be rewarded if he/she invites a friend to registered at Trendy21.com. The points earned by registering are usable once they're collected.

2) Shopping at Trendy21.com.
You will earn one T Point for every dollar you spend on the your purchase with Trendy21.com, excluding shipping fee.
e.g.: USD $1 comdity cost = 1 T Point, if you place an order cost $100 (excluding shipping charge) = 100 T Points
        Every 100 points can be redeemed as $ 1.00
  e.g: 100 T Points = $ 1.00,
         200 T Points = $ 2.00

3)Sharing your purchases from Trendy21.com.
a. Get 10 T Points by writing reviews of Trendy21 products after place an order
b. Get 20 T Points by uploading pictures of Trendy21's products
c. Get 50 T Points by uploading video about our Trendy21.com and our products
d. Get 100 T Points by posting in your blog and enclose the link of Trendy21.com
e. Get US$10 Bonus by writing review of Trendy21 products on rating site.

4) Obtaining T Points from irregular activities at Trendy21.com
Trendy21.com will held the activities irregularly for obtaining E points. Meanwhile, please note that the wholesaler and the distributor can't enjoy the relative activities.

Restrictions on T Points

Although T Points are applicable for a wide range of products, but they are not true of every items, charges and users. Please refer to the following restriction of using reward points:

1) Discounted products on special only enjoy the discounted price E points

2) Wholesaler couldn't participate in the irregular activities of E points reward

3) T Points are valid at participating merchants of products only. Shipping costs do not enjoy any discounts at any circumstances. 
4) When it comes to a collision of E points, coupons and others discount promotion programs, only one program with the highest discount rates will be adopted.

Despite of the above restrictions, T Points are still free from coupon discount. For example, you'll still get 18 T Points even if the cost of a $20 product is reduced to $ 18 when you use a 10% coupon.
Besides, your T Point is applicable once it accumulates to 100, and it's allowed to be consumed with no up limit. However, the consumption of T Points must be redeemed in hundreds (integer). For example, if you wish to use your T Points to redeem a $ 1.20 product, then 200 T Points will be consumed instead of 120 points.

How T Points redeem?

Please note that the T Point only can be redeemed for cash when the points are available, if the T Point has been applied to the pending order, please cancel the pending order at first, then the points will be credited back to your account and be applicable for your next purchase.

The T Points will be redeemable when it accumulates to 100 T Points, which will be applicable for the following activities:
1) Redeeming for cash to spend in purchase. (redeemed cash are not withdrawable.)
2) Exchanging for coupons.
3) Redemption for products with collected points and added payment.
4) Other activities irregularly held at Trendy21.com.


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